• I can't tell you how good I feel...
    Personal Shopping
    Thanks so much for all your help and time and advice yesterday. I can't tell you how good I felt to have some new stylish clothes and my lovely husband was so pleased when I told him that he went straight back to Attic to buy the grey cardigan and navy top for me!   Gemma, Ilkley        
  • Such a great day!
    Style Consultation
    It was such a great day and you were amazing with Rachel and I, thank you.  I've been feeling for a while that I've lost my clothing mojo and I now feel like you helped me find it.  I think that's the difference between how I came out on the personality questionnaire and how I really feel. I am in work in my leopard print skirt, black top and funky boots from Attic (similar but not the same as yours!) and I feel amazing.  Did I mention the two oversized rings - one black and one red, both on the same hand.  Get me! Your guidance, kindness and just getting it have helped me feel like me again and have made me love getting dressed in the morning, love shopping again and love the vintage and second shopping that I've always enjoyed but had lost my way with. Thank you so much Anna, I will be using you again. Justine, Ilkley 
  • I feel like a new woman!
    Colour Consultation, Personal Shopping, Style Consultation
    I feel like a new woman! I've put a few more outfits together following my colours. It turns out I have got quite a few things in my colour palette which id been teaming up with the wrong colours. When I put them with navy or cream I look instantly better! You really have given me excellent advice. I'm so grateful.  Since my wardrobe has been weeded I'd say I look ten times better as I know I've only got clothes that definitely suit me. Getting dressed has been so much easier with less clothes and plus only the good ones. It's so theraputic. I really love the way my clothes are so well organised.    I really really appreciated all your help. It's made a massive difference to me. You are so kind and you've got such a lovely way about you. I definitely think I'm on the way to a better presented more confident me!   Client, Roundhay
  • Thank you for all your help...
    Colour Consultation, Style Consultation
    I wanted to thank you again for all your help. Having the consultations with you were really the best thing for me. I am continuing to get compliments for my style and colour choices and I am feeling so much better about how I look and feel. When I got a compliment yesterday about the colours I was wearing I told the person that I had seen a stylist and she commented that you do your job very well.    I am loving the Hope Foundation tops under my French Connection jumpers - especially the leopard print one - and am wearing colour combinations I would never have considered before:  yesterday plum jeggings and a rich blue cardigan.   I want you to know how much I appreciate all your help and care, and want you to know how good you are at your job.   Client, Harrogate
  • I'm trying things, and being braver!
    Thank you so much for sending the clothing detox results through-I've been wanting to write a proper thank you since I received them!  I've bought rather a lot of lovely new clothes since then including thin, fitted v neck jumpers to wear rather than cardigans and some lovely skinny navy work trousers from ASOS.  I haven't bought a single black item since I saw you, and there lots of navy and lovely greens making it in instead.I'm heading out to a meeting today wearing one of the outfits you suggested and I have to say, when I looked in teh mirror I thought it looked great!  You've absolutely completely changed (for the better) how I'm dressing as I'm trying things, and being braver, plus choosing outfits the night before rather than grabbing whatever is closest.Thanks again for all your help and making me feel so much better about myself.  Not sure whats next but I'll hopefully see you again for another fantastic session of making me feel great! Client, Leeds
  • A relaxed couple of hours focused on me!
    Colour Consultation
    I really enjoyed spending a relaxed couple of hours just focused on me! Anna is very easy to relax with and talk to and I appreciated how attentive she was. It was nice having a glass of bubbly. It was also lovely having my make-up done as part of the consultation. Libby, Ilkley