I'm trying things, and being braver!

Thank you so much for sending the clothing detox results through-I've been wanting to write a proper thank you since I received them!  I've bought rather a lot of lovely new clothes since then including thin, fitted v neck jumpers to wear rather than cardigans and some lovely skinny navy work trousers from ASOS.  I haven't bought a single black item since I saw you, and there lots of navy and lovely greens making it in instead.

I'm heading out to a meeting today wearing one of the outfits you suggested and I have to say, when I looked in teh mirror I thought it looked great!  You've absolutely completely changed (for the better) how I'm dressing as I'm trying things, and being braver, plus choosing outfits the night before rather than grabbing whatever is closest.

Thanks again for all your help and making me feel so much better about myself.  Not sure whats next but I'll hopefully see you again for another fantastic session of making me feel great!

Client, Leeds